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Interactive Application: Innovative Approach To Preserve The Traditional Dance

The traditional Malay dance such as Zapin, Inang and Joget has their own origins and purposes. Each traditional dance has its own form or style and its own terms and foot-work in producing a dance. The dance movement will differentiate one dance from another. The objective of this study is to assist researchers or activists to easily access information on the styles and dance movement of the traditional dance with an interactive application that combines various media elements. This application will use the video, audio, texts and interactive elements for easy access and catch users� interest to learn the dance technic thus preserving the nation�s arts and cultural heritage. The study used the qualitative approach with thematic analysis of interview data and feedback of study sample from questionnaires. The findings show that most of the younger generations lack the knowledge on traditional dances and their terms for each of the dance movements. This will result in the extinction of the traditional dance amongst the younger generations. Hence the combinations of the technological elements have simplified the way of learning the dance movements for activist and students. The multimedia element is applied in building an interactive application to help the nation preserve its arts and cultural heritage so that it will not perish with the passing of time. Keyword- Zapin, Inang, Joget, foot-work.