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Moderating Role Of Empowerment In The Effect Of Organizational Culture On Innovation

Organizational environment that will support the innovation is needed for the realization of organizational innovation and for ensuring sustainability. Therefore, innovation is directly associated with the organizational culture and the empowerment of the employee who will perform the innovation. Hence, the purpose of this study is to determine the formative role of empowerment in the effect of organizational culture on organizational innovation. This research designed in line with this purpose was carried out on 419 employees of businesses operating in tourism hotel management sector in the province of Erzurum. According to the findings of the research, hierarchy culture negatively affects all types of organizational innovation (product, process, strategy and market innovation). Empowerment positively affects all types of innovation. Moreover, it was observed that empowerment played a moderating role in the manner it would reduce the negative effects of hierarchy culture on all types of innovation. Keywordsó Clan Culture, Market Culture, Hierarchy Culture, Empowerment, Organizational Innovation.