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The Teaching of Literature in Saudi Arabia: National Perspectivesand Cultural Implications

This study has sought toexplore theculturalimplications of the teaching of literature using theSaudi national/Postcolonial perspectives. It is imperative that the teachers take empirical decisions as they have the multi-faceted task of teaching Western literature by channelizing the potentials of the Arab learners in consonance with the educational policies of the country.In order to investigate how farthe perspectives of post-colonialism is relevant/appropriate in the teaching of English literature, an in-depth analysis of the Saudi educational goalsvis--vis the feasibility of the Postcolonial theory has been done.While diverse learners may come up with their unique, innovative and reconstructive perspectives to generate fresh interpretations of aliterary text, a questionnaire-based survey has been used as a research instrument to gain insights from the students to identifyand evaluatethe potential effects of using the postcolonial approach in the teaching of literature. Keywords- Critical theories, Post-colonialism, English Literature, teaching of Literature, Arab Culture, Saudi Arabia