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A Study On Factors Influencing The Customer Participation Through Sns Promotion Event

SNS (Social network service) now became a big part of everyday life. Among the services, Facebook takes the major part of the total SNS usage, and the users get various types of information from the brand fan page of each company on Facebook. Since it can be used as the attractive marketing channel for a company which has to spread information through SNS, especially Facebook, the research needs for effective advertising event type have been rising. Therefore, this study aims at defining the promotional event on Facebook, and it also aims for empirically analyzing types and categories of the prize items. The overall research frame is based on the prospect theory. To analyze the influencing factors of promotion event for the integrated approach, we separate the prize payment type into two different classes; simple payment and multiple graded payment. Also, we analyze the SNS promotion event features with variables such as anevent period, the total number of fans, and description length of the events. As a result, it was found out that event period, total number of fans, payment type, and prize type effect on customer participation. We expect that this study could lead the industry field through providing the appropriate SNS marketing strategies. Index Terms´┐Ż Facebook fan page, Prospect theory, SNS promotion event, Social network service.