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Adolescents� Acceptance Of Internet Technology And Innovativeness On E-Commerce Behavior

In the era of rapid development of the Internet and technologies, buying behavior of adolescents exhibited in the consumer market is growing in a dramatic manner. The adolescent consumers feature brand switching as well as acceptance of innovative products and information. This study aimed at exploring the effect of consumer innovativeness on buying behavior. The technology acceptance model was used as the basic structure while consumer innovativeness as a moderate variable in order to analyze adolescents� online buying behavior (inclusive of planned and unplanned). In this study, an online questionnaire survey was conducted on 2,419 adolescents and further verified by regression analysis. The results showed that the technology acceptance model was legitimately adequate to explain online buying behavior. Adolescents who were innovative consumers were categorized to rational buyers. For attracting people with innovativeness, it is compulsory for operators of online shopping to be creative enough in designing an online shopping platform so as to effectively strengthen consumers� understanding of commodities Index. Keyword� Adolescent, Buying Behavior ,Consumer Innovativeness, Online Buying, Technology Acceptance Model