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Strategic Business-Driven Vetiver Handcrafts In Phayao Province

This research focuses on strategic issues in business-driven craft grass province methods were analyzed using descriptive study (Descriptive Analysis) collect information from relevant documents, observations recording and photography to record the interview observations (Observation Method) as observers participatory and non-participatory. The interview instrument outline was the depth interviews (In-depth Interview) with vetiver handicraft production from the three community groups. The results showed that the strategy to drive business craft grass province with inputs from members of the group came together from several families, where the context of each family is different. To adapt to the society members to learn and understand the role of each person to perform the activity of a key strategy to drive membership of vetiver, they are six reasons linked issues: 1. Talent, 2. Patience, 3. Seek blessings, 4. Humility, 5. Determination, 6. Love environment as a weapon of grass. Vetiver Group's strategy is associated with contemporary culture that the grass must study the unique culture of the group. To raise the culture of Thailand in different periods, the integration process is designed to convey the products, where air consumption - consumption by the media. In which the discreet scent of Thailand culture is what designers should recognize the value of culture Thailand. Index Terms- Business strategy, hand craft; OTOP; product development; innovation.