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English Teaching Methods Through Project-Based Learning in English For Marketing and Advertising Course

Project-based learning encourages student to create projects are meaningful in learning experiences. This method promotes and develops a vision for student success in the new global economy through 21st century learning (P21). This study concerns data collected from a sample group of 83 students majoring in Business English Program. They enrolled in English for Marketing course in first semester of 2015 (August - November 2015). The research tools contain 1) seven lesson plans with seven units for English for Marketing and Advertising. 2) The project outline based on framework for 21st century learning: critical thinking skill, creativity, communication, collaboration and college and career readiness. The results can be described into two main parts as 1) English teaching method through project-based learning in English for Marketing and Advertising Course and 2) project - based learning activity in English for Marketing and Advertising Course. Index Terms- English Teaching Methods, Project -Based Learning, English for Marketing and Advertising.