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The Next Generation Troubleshooting System For E-Learning: E-Mushkilyabi

Troubleshooting ticketing system offers on time technical assistance and guidance to the end users. In this paper we propose an online ticketing system called e-Mushkilyabi for the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education to create, update, and resolve reported IT technical issues, or even issues reported by IT departments of the several universities working under it. It consists of a multilayered architecture where each layer has a broad role within the application including vital information for the account involved and the issue encountered. It also contains a knowledge base containing information on each customer, resolutions to common problems, and other such data. To measure success of the system, e-Mushkilyabi has to go through rigorous lab and field-testing. We hope that this system will prevent unnecessary delays, ensure speedy resolution of the technical problems and improve the overall communication between the Ministry of Higher education and provincial universities. Keywords- Ticketing system; Knowledgebase; Helpdesk management; Supporters;