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Several Factors Associated Behavior Drivers At The Corporation Of A

Unsafe behavior driver is a driver�s risk measures undertaken in all forms of traffic conditions can be or potentially cause an accident. Chevron Pacific Indonesia has conducted behavior based safety (BBS) to solve the problem of unsafe behavior. A survey conducted to 30 drivers at the Corporation of A found that 80% of drivers indicate unsafe behavior. The objective of this study is to detect the factors associating with unsafe behavior drivers at the Corporation of A. To achieve the objective, the design type is analytic cross sectional study. Population of study is 300 drivers working for the Corporation of A. Sample size is 215, which was calculated based on the design type of study, and it is taken from the population through systematic random sampling. Data were collected through structured interview by using questionnaire containing close ended questions. Analysis of one variable, two variables and multiple logistic regression analysis were conducted to detect dominant variables associated with unsafe behavior. The result of study shows that less supervision from management to drivers is more risky 5.7 times to have unsafe behavior driver compared to sufficient supervision (CI 95%: OR = 1,1-34,3). In this case there is one confounding variable namely perception. Conclusion: Less supervision from management to drivers affects unsafe behavior driver compared to sufficient supervision from management to driver. Recommendation: To prevent unsafe behavior driver, the management the Corporation A has to conduct sufficient supervision especially to motivate drivers having positive perception on BBS. Keywords� Unsafe Behavior, Driver, Bbs Program, Supervision, Perception