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Green Business - Key For Sustainable Growth In Emerging Countries: A Study On Kerala State, India

A business which strives to reduce its negative impacts on the local environment, community or economy as a whole while maintaining profit is often referred to as a �Green Business�. It can also be called a Sustainable business. With the growing concern for environment protection, business groups across the globe are looking for opportunities to make them environmental friendly. Such initiatives also possess the potential to improve the bottom line of the company. Kerala, which is often referred to as the favourite child of nature is a small state located in the south-western coast of India which has hundreds of animal species and almost one fourth of India�s total plant species. However, over the years the economy started facing severe environmental issues due to increase in the population coupled with rapid urbanization and industrialization without giving much importance to the environment. This has led to extensive pollution of air, water and land. But today realizing the potential threat it pauses to the entire mankind, the state is involved in a serious mission of a sustainable development for a better tomorrow. Such measures have already started showing positive results. This paper is an effort to study the Kerala Model for a sustainable tomorrow. Such a study can also help in guiding the similar initiatives around the world. Keywords� Green Business, Electronic Waste Management, Sustainable Development, Emerging Countries, Kerala Development Model