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Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide (HMSIW) For X-Band Applications

In this work, a propagation performance analysis for the substrateintegrated waveguide structures (SIW) is exposed. The effectiveness of these types ofguides is determined by a numerical simulation for a SIW guide operating in X-band, where high power part can be transmitted. The advantage of this technology is that itcombined the advantages of traditional waveguides and micro strip lines. In this workthe presentation of S parameters resulting from the analysis of a SIW waveguidedesigned to operate in X-band which is spread out between [ 8-12] GHz, this analysiswill be carried out by the simulation of a SIW waveguide under CST with avalidation of the results by Momentum Agilent . An application of the techniqueHMSIW X-band will be presented while comparing the results obtained by thatobtained by a simple SIW. Indexterms- X-band, HMSIW, SIW.