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Meaning Making Strategies And Challenges: Teaching English As A Language In Nigerian Educational Institutions

This paper attempts to discuss the construction and deconstruction of meaning in language communication in classroom teaching-learning situations. Classroom discourses in our educational institutions centre on the use of language to create meaning through the application of multidimensional approaches of both the teachers and the students. The ability to impart linguistic skills to the students can be effectively enhanced when teachers are empowered through the awareness of the multi-modal approaches of language teaching which can make them effectively expose their students to a variety of methods of meaning creation. The paper therefore hopes to expose the role of English in communication in order to enable Nigerian students be exposed to the language to make them achieve that level of communicative competence required of second language learners. Index terms- Meaning-Making, Classroom Discourses, Multi-Dimensional, Multimodal, Communicative Competence.