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A Case Study of An Office Complex Project for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Under Fixed Price Lump Sum (Modified) Contract

A case study is done in order to evaluate the FIXED PRICE LUMP SUM (MODIFIED) project and lesson learnt during its execution to further improve it. Company prepared approximately 150 drawings of Architectural, Civil & Structure, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Instrumentation (Building, Security and Life Safety Management), IT/Telecom, LAN and respective technical specifications under each discipline along with KOC standards, specifications, drawings and reference drawings in order to define the basic scope of work (FEED). These documents and their priorities were defined in MOA (Memorandum of Agreement). Contractor developed the complete detailed design based on the above documents along with contract specification and different attachments to Form of Tender and executed the project as per contact term and condition. The consultant was chosen from approved list of consultants of Kuwait Oil Company under Category 39 (Civil Works Consultants). Keywords- Complex Project, KOC, Drawings, MOA