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Empowering Challenged Children Through Education With Assistive Technology

The value of education can never be overstated, and the dangers of its ignorance can never be overestimated. The most important outcome of education is to be independent and lead a dignified life. Every individual has the right to education, however, those with special needs are often overlooked. The disproportionate representation of minority students in special education programs has its roots in a long history of educational segregation and discrimination. A number of factors may contribute to disproportionality, including poverty, special education processes, inequity in general education, issues of behavior management, lack of effective technological tools and inadequate professional development of instructors. The paper focuses on addressing some of these barriers in educating challenged individuals, developing a clear understanding of inclusive education, designing and implementing Assistive Technology (AT) to empower them, training educators and enhance the education for special needs. It also proposes various vocational training activities for mainstream work and discusses its impact on challenged individuals and their guardians.