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A Study Of Training Impact On Stress Among Female Workers

Throughout history, society has viewed femininity and achievement as incompatible goals. To gain social approval many women avoid success. Women at work find themselves in environment dominated by masculine values by individual and competitiveness rather than connectedness. Due to this women react to this by experiencing anxieties about their abilities, showing a lack of confidence and having a sense of emotional splitting. So they are unable to be their real selves at work. The paper studies causes of stress and impact of training among female workers. The data collected from National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Uchahar Unit, known as Feroze Gandhi Uchahar Thermal Power Plant which is located at Uchahar in Raebareli district in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The power plant is one of the largest government sector undertakings. Feroze Gandhi Uchahar Thermal Power Plant is one of the coal based power plants of NTPC. It has an installed capacity of 1050MW. The first unit was commissioned in November 1988. For accomplishing the objective of this research, a structured questionnaire was designed. Information was also collected through personal interview. Both organizational and individual factors were analyzed and it was found that before the female workers mostly suffer stress due to role overload, stagnation, Inadequacy etc, thereby generating work life imbalance and anxieties and after training their stress reduced much extent. Keywords- Training, Thermal Power Plant, Stress, Female Workers.