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Information Systems Security

Due to the role of information in any necessary decisions for access to accurate and timely information systems in organizations and centers in the country, providing quick and easy access to information infrastructure and facilities for using information technology to benefit of hardware and software and communication equipment is essential. And the role of information as a valuable commodity in business today and protect it considered necessary. To achieve this goal, each organization depending on the level of information (economic value) requires information security management system is designed so that it can protect its information assets. The task of information security management systems implementation and control of the system's security and the need to try to keep the system always up to date and also examines the system-threatening information, such as human error hazards, systems and policy Objections Security also uses a variety of security features, including the role of proxy firewall, filtering, logging and authentication in the network is responsible pays. Keywords- Information systems, models of information systems, information security, information security management systems.