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Ethnopharmacology: The Medical Modernities Of The Ifugao Tribe In The Philippines

The Ifugao tribe, located in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines, faced the dilemma of utilizing modern medical technology provided by hospitals, utilizing local herbs or other traditional remedial practices or a combination of both. There is a cultural dilemma in choosing health remedies between modern allopathic medicine or naturopathic herbal medicine in the Ifugao region as herbal remedies have been around in the region for more than a millenia. Religious beliefs are another possible contributing factor in this slow acceptance because some members of the Ifugao tribe believe that praying is at times considered as a medical treatment. This paper looks at the different ethno pharmacological remedies that the Ifugao tribe uses and potential shifts that may be occurring with the acceptance of modern medical technology. The paper will also highlight how the indigenous community of the Ifugao tribe shifted due to the western influence of modern medical technology.