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Ethical Consederation And Value System In The Promotion Of Regional Integration In Solid Waste Management In Akoko Region, Ondo State

Solid waste management has remained a hydra-headed monster causing frightened explosion in the promotion of civilization across cities of the less developed countries. The methodological channels which the management of wastes have gone through revealed about five waves of innovations in waste management; and the developed world is currently going through the sixth phase of zero wastes cities, yet nothing substantial has been achieved in cities of developing countries. Understanding solid waste and its management in developing countries require an adequate knowledge of traditions and values attached to waste generation, evacuation and disposal by the indigent populations based on their uniqueness in the understanding of their immediate environment. An intermix of traditions and values attached to solid waste should form the basis for the formulation of professional ethics and laws that would guide waste management in the developing countries and not mere importation of ethics and technologies which are alien to their traditional environment. It has been observed that the importation of advanced technology and foreign laws would continue to fail in the quest of governments to curb the menace of solid waste management in developing countries. This study, therefore, is aimed at understanding key factors in traditional waste management amongst two selected chief cities in the four local government areas of Akoko region. The study further seeks an integrated approach as possible option to bringing efficiency and effectiveness to play in waste management in the region. This has become necessary in order that local resources might be combined to jointly fight the identified gray areas in waste management and at the same time explore the various opportunities embedded in the joint partnership venture. Keywords- Environmental Management Plan, Ethics and Value Systems, Integrated Approach and Waste Management.