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Opinions Of The Qualified Personnel Who Quitted Turkish Ministry Of Health And Moved To Other Organizations About How Much The New Organizations Meet Their Expectations

This research has been conducted to take the oppinions of the qualified personnel, who quitted Turkish Ministry of Health, and started to work in other organizations, about how much the new organizations meet their expectations. Qualitative research method and phenomenological design have been utilized to fulfill this aim. Using criterion sampling, and chain sampling methods, this research covers 20 personnel, who hold postgraduate degree, and who quitted Ministry of Health, and started to work in other organizations. Face to face interviews have been held. Findings show that the previous employees of the ministry are generally satisified with the new organizations they work in. However, it is seen that certain expectations of some employees are not met. Their expectations are dissappointed by low salary; priviledge/dominance of some titles; problems emerging among the employees; instances of nepotism; no promotion of further education, and unqualified coworkers. Keywords- Ministry of Health, Qualified Personnel, Qualitative Research