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All Domain Access” In The Littorals A Joint Concept To Hybrid Warfare

Since the end of Cold War, conventional warfare has yielded to hybrid warfare in the littorals. This type of war is not new, but what makes today’s hybrid warfare unique is, state and non-state actors in the littorals can easily acquire Anti-Access and Area Denial (A2/AD) capabilities to counter conventional forces. Today, contrary to common belief, intervention from the sea to the hybrid warfare needs a new operational function “All Domain Access”, defined in “U.S. A Cooperative Strategy for the 21th Century Sea Power-2015” document, as “The ability to project military force in contested areas with sufficient freedom of action to operate effectively”, can play a critical role for NATO’s current and future maritime operations. Index Terms- Hybrid Warfare, A2/AD Threats, All Domain Access, Crimean Crisis, NATO Maritime Command.