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Prominent Topics In Leadership Education For Staff Officer Candidates Of Air Force

The global political system and social system is changing rapidly. Thus it will be hard to predict changes based on global system in near future. New global environment demands that the military leaders needs to be highly skilled and equipped with wisdom, knowledge and equipment to react in ever changing threat environment. Qualified and well trained personnel or human resource is biggest capital of our organization. In this context Air War Colleges in general have the responsibility of grooming and educating staff officer for future challenges. It has learned through centuries �every commander must be a leader but every leader cannot be a commander�. In this study, the future environment and likely challenges for young staff officers in Air Force are envisaged. To further strengthen the argument and logical conclusion it is essential to include the experience of seasoned staff officers. During this research 14 staff officers were interviewed, who had variety of experience in operations, maintenance, logistics, management and working experience in national/multinational military organizations. The results and the prominent arguments that surfaced what correlated with theoretical academic leadership approach. Distinguishing feauters of military leadership were explained. Furthermore, it�s understood that transactional leadership is not a demandable approach relative to the other leadership approaches by findings of interview. Curriculum planners should consider the findings of the article when preparing leadership training programs. Keywords- Leadership, Education, Subordinate, Military, Staff Officer.