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The Construction Of Benefit Assessment Indicators For Technical High School Through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

Through an effective evaluation system, the quality of educational environment will be able to be monitored anytime. And it is important to plan the assessing indicators of post benefits in technical school evaluation. The purpose of this study aimed to construct and test the assessing indicators of post benefits in technical school evaluation through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). To achieve the goal, literature review and focus group interview were employed to construct the Fuzzy Delphi technique questionnaire to ensure the assessing domains, subcategories, and indicators of the school evaluation effectiveness. Then, we had 820 educators in technical schools investigated, used SEM to analyze the framework, and took first and second stage confirmatory factor analysis separately to test the appropriateness of the factor structure in the study. The finding is that the indicators of the benefits in school evaluation can be divided into two domains, school management and professional development. Under these two domains, there are eight subcategories, administrative effectiveness, resource integration, organizational interaction, environment improvement, course planning, teacher profession, student performance, and top-notch talent cultivation and remedy for weak, and forty-three indicators. After tested, the assessing indicators of benefits in technical school evaluation constructed in this research have good reliability and validity. Key words- evaluation benefits, evaluation indicator, structural equation modeling (SEM), school evaluation, technical high school