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Education And Social Welfare: A Plight Of Indian Society

The present paper throws light on the plight of social welfare due to education in Indian society. This paper is divided into seven parts i.e. abstract, history and development of education and social welfare in India, methodology, interpretation of data, findings and summary followed by references. Indian society is definitely on the path of development as better spread of education that created awareness among Indian people. Education has enlightened Indian people and helped them to be more rational, less self-centered by contributing one�s services to the needy that lead to social welfare. In ancient days education was imparted orally and used to pass it on generation to generation later it took the form of writing using the palm leaves. The temples, community centers and Gurukul system were the main sources of education. Then higher education started at Nalanda and Takshashila University. After independence central and the state government taken efforts and introduced various patterns and brought reforms in education. Now Right to Education act came into existence in 2010 due to which the education become the right of people in India. Social welfare includes the welfare provisions, prevention of social problems, and the improvement in the quality of life of the people that is happening because of education. The field of education and social welfare are also undergoing changes like other fields. If the respondents would have not received education their plight would be very worst. However caste discrimination, gender inequality, unemployment, economic imbalance, etc. are the factors still create obstructions for social welfare. In short, social welfare is not possible without education. Key Words- Education, Social Welfare, Individual, Society.