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Evaluating the Performance of MANET Protocols Considering Various Parameters

MANET Mobile ad-hoc networks - are fully distributed networks that comprise of mobile nodes resulting in dynamic topology. Since it is infrastructure less architecture , nodes have to cooperate in order to provide the necessary network functionality. MANET technology can provide an really flexible method for establishing communications for military battlefield operations or other scenarios requiring rapidly-deployable communications with survivable, efficient dynamic networking. There are three types of routing protocols in MANET such as Proactive, Reactive, and Hybrid. In this paper, we report results of NS2 simulation of three important routing protocols: AODV, AOMDV, DSR (Proactive Protocols), DSDV (Reactive Protocol) .We have extended the work done in previous paper and also have analyzed performance using Packet delivery ratio , average throughput and average end to end delay, and also their varying mobility . For node movement, a popular model, random waypoint is considered while Constant Bit Rate (CBR) traffic pattern is assumed. Keywords- MANET, Routing Protocol, Packet Delivery Ratio, Node Mobility, Average Throughput, Average Delay, NS2.