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The Relationship Between Demographic Characteristics, Attempt To Quit And Smoking Cessation Among Adult In Palu City, Indonesia

The southeast Asia is the region where there is nearly 400 million tobacco users, who experience about 1.3 million deaths annually (WHO,2012). Indonesia is one of highest tobacco epidemic in Southeast Asia, and Central Sulawesi is one of province in Indonesia that has highest prevalence of smoking (Riskesda,2013). The objective of this study was to examine the relationships between demographic characteristics, attempt to quit and smoking cessation among adult in Palu City, Indonesia. A cross-sectional study was conducted with 183 adults who live in four sub-districts of Palu City. Data were collected by face to face interview. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, Chi-square and Point Biserial. The result of this study revealed that age, income, the number of cigarette per day, and attempt to quit were significantly related with smoking cessation. Based on the finding, health care providers should develop nursing intervention program to decrease smoker and prevent disease in relation to smoking in Palu City. Keywords- Adult, smoking cessation, Palu City.