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The Gender Differences In Sexual Behavior, Hiv/Aids Knowledge And Perceptions About Hiv/Aids Among University Students In Indonesia

University students in Semarang became more accepted in premarital sexual behaviors, which place them at risk for HIV infection. The purpose of this study was to examine the association between gender and sexual behavior, gender differences in HIV/AIDS knowledge and perceptions about HIV/AIDS. The sample of the respondents was collected from three universities in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia using self-administrated questionnaire. The Health Belief Model was used as theoretical framework. Chi-square tests and Independent t-test were used for data analysis. The results showed that gender was statistically associated with sexual behavior (2 = 24.50, p < .001) with male students were more likely to practice premarital sexual intercourse than female students. There were gender differences in HIV/AIDS knowledge, perceived susceptibility, perceived benefits, and perceived barriers. The findings of this study suggest that HIV prevention campaigns should be designed appropriately for the different gender. Keywords- Gender differences, Sexual behavior, Knowledge and Perceptions about HIV/AIDS, University students