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A Preliminary Research For The Evaluation Of Capability Maturity Of Plant Construction Project

Recently, more and more Korean construction companies are engaged in overseas plant projects. After 2010, the annual amount of overseas plant contracts concluded by Korean companies is maintained at approximately $60 billion. It is apparently unlike the current depression of the Korean construction industry and many Korean construction companies want to participate in overseas projects. Although Korean companies perform the whole EPC processes, they are known to be good at detail Engineering and construction and have difficulty in entering the higher value-added fields such as basic design and project management. In order to conduct various projects smoothly and consistently in the global markets, it is urgent for Korean companies to develop relevant technology. The purpose of the study is to survey and analyze the quantitative evaluation methods of plant project management capabilities and to use the results as preliminary data for establishing a capability improvement strategy. To achieve this, the project management capability maturity models were investigated and analyzed, the evaluation fields were selected, and the capability maturity evaluation methods of the pre-project planning stage were developed, in order. The results will be used as preliminary data in evaluating the project management capabilities during the whole project life cycle. Index Terms- Capability Maturity Model, OPM3, Project Management, Plant Construction Project, Pre-construction