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Modeling The Rc Frame Buildings With Shear Walls As Fictive Frame Element And Performance Evaluation Of This Type Of Buildings

Shear walls have very important role in the carrying the lateral loads, especially seismic loads. Seismic design of a new building or seismic evaluation of an existing building should be made carefully. Displacement based design is an increasing trend in the design or evaluation of a building. Nonlinear approaches of displacement based design give more reliable results. While shear walls are modelled with shell elements for linear analysis, they are modelled with frame elements for nonlinear analysis to assign plastic hinges to shear walls. However, using frame element instead of shell element for modeling of shear walls causes some differences. In this study, an existing 6-storey RC frame building with shear walls was analytically modelled via SAP 2000. Existing building was constructed with lack of design rules and it was subjected to Van 2011 Earthquake. The building was design according to rules of Turkish Seismic Code 2007. The effect of modeling the shear wall with frame or shell element was investigated. Also, effect of shear wall on seismic performance of a building investigated and evaluation of that effect was conducted for the increasing design quality of the building. Index Terms- Frame elements, performance, shear walls,