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Digital Storytelling Lesson In Efl Classroom (Greece As A Case Study)

Greek youth, severely affected by the crisis tend to be dispirited, skeptical and unmotivated learners who feel that adults and their obsolete institutions have let them down. In the public school system this resentment becomes more palpable. Therefore, educators should strive to challenge and motivate adolescents by engaging them in meaningful tasks so as for them to develop skills necessary for success in the Information Age such as self-reliance, creativity and collaboration. The use of digital storytelling offers flexibility and redefines the roles of the teacher and the learners as the teacher assumes the role of the facilitator/guide on the side, leading students to autonomy. It generates interest since it is a challenge that this �digital� generation will deem worthwhile. It appeals to all types of learning styles, equally effective for both auditory and visual students. Furthermore, it constitutes a lesson on economy due to its concise nature. Building on theoretical background the actual application of a lesson plan, this paper will prove how digital storytelling is an effective way to engage learners in creative writing, to help them become better communicators and to promote complex thinking and synthesizing of information in an English language framework. Index Terms- Digital Storytelling, Motivation, Skill Building.