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Opinions Of Teachers And School Principals On Educational Supervision Process (The Sample Of Gaziantep/Turkey)

This study aims at determining views of teachers and school principals related to the problems in the auditing process conducted by the school administrators in the schools. It is a case study of qualitative research methods. Working group of the research consists of 15 teachers and 12 school principals working in public primary and secondary schools in Gaziantep in 2014-2015 academic year. Maximum diversity sampling method among purposive sampling approaches is used to determine the working group of the study. Semi-structured interview technique is utilized in collecting research data and the obtained data are analyzed via content analysis method. According to research findings, there are some problems reciprocally in the supervision process carried out by the school principals on the issues related to education, social relations and formal paperwork. Some suggestions are taken place in light with the findings. Keywords- Educational supervision, teachers, school principal.