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Examination Of School Principalsí Leadership Styles According To Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability of identifying emotions which is enabling to handle personís oneself and the others, using and understanding emotions efficiently. While realizing personal and organizational aims in the process of education, executives need to have the ability of distinguishing their own and othersí emotions, getting on well with other people, coping with stressful incidents, emotions and urge control and directing disagreements effectively. In this context, the aim of this research is revealing the relationship between emotional intelligence of executives and leadership styles. Within this scope, following problems will be analyzed. This research is designed with relational survey model. According to findings, school principalsí transformational leadership skills differ significantly by emotional intelligence. Transactional leadership skills do not differ significantly by emotional intelligence. Laissez-faire leadership skills differ significantly by emotional intelligence. According to search results, there is a meaningful difference between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership. Keywords- Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, School Principal.