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Students’ Views About Blended Learning Process Integrated To Mathematics Curriculum

The innovations in information and communication technologies have been affecting on education as well as other fields. School environments and school instruments should keep up with these innovations and changes to answer the needs of the age. This case emphasizes blended learning in education process. Blended learning, combination of several different delivery methods, such as online learning and classroom activities, is a hybrid model. The aim of this study is to figure out student ideas about blended learning process that includes face to face education and online education which is designed with Moodle. A qualitative research method is used in the study. The samples of the study consist of 17 students (7 boys, 10 girls) of tenth grade of Oguzeli Multi Programming High School of Gaziantep city in Turkey at the 2012-2013 Education and Training term. Online courses were operated via open source coded instructional management systems “Moodle” ( throughout web site according to blended learning method. After completion of the process, every single participant was filled out an interview form about the process. The data were evaluated with descriptive analysis and coded. In this study, it was concluded that blended learning process was admired by students and this process could be implemented in education process; furthermore, Moodle was sufficient to manage the process effectively. However, student achievement perceptions negatively changed in the process. Keywords- Blended Learning, Qualitative Research, Moodle, High School Students.