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Determining And Evaluating The Enrollment Standards And Procedures For Teacher Training Institutions From Tanzimat To Republic In Ottoman Empire

The aim of this study is to determine and evaluate the enrollment standards and procedures in teacher training institutions from Reform Period (�Tanzimat Era�) of Ottoman Empire to foundation of Turkish Republic. The study was formed using qualitative method and techniques and designed as a case study. Historical Ottoman Turkish documents from Tanzimat to Republic, which were prepared and issued by respective departments in Ottoman Empire, and some documents published in literature were used as data in the study. These Ottoman Turkish documents were firstly translated into modern Turkish then sorted out at the later stage and finally the content analysis was made. In accordance with the data collected, it was determined in detail what enrollment standards were used and what kind of procedures were followed to select stu-dents. In this sense, it was specified that the criteria such as being an Ottoman citizen, being graduated from a secondary level school in existing educational system, being healthy, having no criminal past, being successful in the entrance examination, havingcompetence in some language areas such as Arabic-Persian-Turkish from various respects, having basic mathematics competence were determined to enroll in teacher training institutions in Ottoman Empire. According to the procedure followed while these standards were being implemented, the necessity for applicants to have formal documents obtained from concerned authority emerged. At the end of the research, it was concluded that important regulations was made to qualified student admission especially for �Darulmuallimin� and �Darulmuallimat� from Tanzimat to Republic in Ottoman Empire. Moreover, it was understood that a specific system in student admission to train qualified teacher were set and this system was selective at a certain level. Some suggestions are offered according to the findings and results of the study. Keywords- Ottoman Empire, Teacher training institutions, �Darulmuallimin�, �Darulmuallimat�, the enrollment standards, the enrollment procedures.