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Developing Globally Minded People in Japan

Currently, globally minded people are noticed and their developments are considered as urgent tasks in Japan. Such globally minded people and their developments have been argued by many places such as government, bureaucratic and educational world. However, their requirements and developments are not clearly defined. Today it is significant for such issues to be discussed in many aspects as growing interests in globally minded people. But the related areas of the issues are so broad; it is required to focus the narrower target ones for further argument. One of these issues, the effectiveness of the English use of the work can be considered. I would like to focus on the English use which is a communication tool in business work by this research and think about globally minded people and a research work of the development. Globally minded people in Japan are considered, as it is also important to think about the ones in foreign countries and their international comparison. An analysis considers how long the English proficiency and English use relate to execution of work and the accomplishment by an enterprise specifically through a document and an actual condition survey. I would like to show a study result about the study contents and a structure and deepen a match to future's study from a document, information by an expert and knowledge by this stage. Keywords- Globally minded people, the work ability, cross-cultural adjust ability, communication ability, and English fluency