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Structural Design Software For Dori Members of The 3-Dori Type Korean Traditional Timber House

In this paper, structural design software fora 3-Dori type Korean traditional timber houses was developed. This software helps to design Dori member in an optimum size. In developing the software, only vertical loads were considered, that is, the self-weight of roof structure and snow load. The tributary loading area for each Dori member was calculated considering roof framing type. The load applied to the Dori member was calculated by multiplying tributary loading area and their unit vertical load. Dori members can be idealized as a simply supported beam subjected to evenly distributed load. So, the member forces can be calculatedeasily by simple formula. Using the developed software, the safety and serviceability of Dori members can be checked easily without 3-dimensional structural analysis, so the time and cost can be reduced much. It is expected that the developed structural design software can be used effectively with little cost and time in an early design stage of 3-Dori type Hanok. Index Terms´┐ŻHanok, Software, Structural Design, Timber Houses.