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Investigation Of Air Conditioning System For Electric Vehicles

the electric vehicles are an automobile propelled by electric power and has the advantage of zero emission on the road. With its energy-saving, low pollution, and efficient mobility benefits, the electric vehicles are the rising star in the future of automobile industry. The electric vehicles comprises many mechanical parts. As the air-conditioning system consumes large amounts of energy (approximately 30 ~ 40 %), how all components of the air-conditioning system in an electric vehicles are designed in order to raise the COP of the system, to reduce energy consumption, and to increase durability becomes a crucial topic. This study established anair conditioning system that consists of an electric compressor, an electric expansion valve, the evaporator and the condenser, to meet the cooling, heating and dehumidification demand of the electric vehicles. This study investigated the compressor rotationalspeed, temperatures of air flowing into the condenser, and different volumetric flow rate of air flowing into evaporator, respectively. The results show under cooling mode, the compressor speed from 2000 ~ 5000RPM, cooling capacity of the system can provide 2.1 ~ 5.8 kW, COP can be maintained above 4. Index Terms- electric vehicles, air-conditioning, COP