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Dream Interpretation And Human Motives

This study investigated the specificity of dream content and its continuity with waking life. The systematic study of dream content has led to many interesting and useful findings concerning developmental changes, gender differences, cross-cultural similarities and differences, consistency in what individuals dream about over decades, and the continuity between dream content and waking thought. Although there are many dream research fronts currently, it is sustained, that dream content interpretation has been seldom treated within psychology with the notable exception of clinical psychologists. Precisely, this paper presents a preliminary framework for interpreting dreams content within the boundaries of sociocultural psychology (e.g. Vygotsky, 1962; Bruner, 1990; Wertsch, 1998). This approach consists in the interpretation of dream�s content on the basis of three general steps; 1) recollection and first inquiry, 2) categorizing and seizing dream content and, 3) reflecting on the dream & linking to previous experiences. This approach is described and exemplified with data from 21 middle-class children. Keywords- Dreams, Oneiric Content, Dream Interpretation, Culture.