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Role of Management Information System in Business Organizations

The role of Management Information Systems is described in regarding of its capability for decision making. It is a computer system that provides management and other personnel within an organization with up-to-date information regarding the organization's performance; for example, current inventory and sales. It usually is linked to a computer network, which is created by joining different computers together in order to share data and resources. Management Information System (MIS) is basically concerned with processing information which is then communicated to the various Departments in an organization appropriate decision-making. With the growth of data and information processing is related directly to the growth of the organizations which comprise society in general. So, it became important for the organization to manage or process its information in better ways. MIS helps the organization to access its critical information. MIS provides information which is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. Management information systems are distinct from other information systems because they are used to analyze operational activities in the organization Academically Organizations still need different types of various organizational levels, functions, and business processes. This needs opportunities and challenges. In this paper the role Management Information system in Business Organizations will be given more elaboration. Keywordsó MIS, IS, IT, Organization.