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Firm-Created Social Media Communication and Consumer Brand Perceptions

Social media has changed the business communication strategies in the corporate world. Firms are using social media to reach their maximum stakeholders in minimum time at different social media forums. The current study examines the role of firm-created social media communication on consumer brand perceptions and their loyalty with brand. A online survey is conducted through social media forums including Facebook and Twitter to collect data regarding social media communication of a well reputed clothing company’s brand in Pakistan. A link is sent to 900 customers of that that company. Out of 900 questionnaires, 534 were received. So, the response rate is 59.33%. During data screening and entry, 13 questionnaires are rejected due to incomplete answer. Therefore, 521 questionnaires are completed in all respect and seem to be helpful for the study. So, the positive response rate is 57.89%. The empirical results report positive and significant influence of company-generated social media communication on brand trust, brand equity and brand loyalty. The findings of this study provide important information to the marketing professionals and brand managers to understand consumer behavior through social media communication. Keywords- Firm-created social media communication, brand trust, brand equity, consumer behavior, brand loyalty.