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Responsiveness in Architecture: A New Movement or an Emergent Requirement

Responsive skins of all different types has become increasingly utilized in architecture in order to respond to varying building conditions. The development of innovative technology in terms of structure, technics, and material has made the realization of live and responsive architecture more accessible and imaginable. In today�s realm of environmental awareness, transformable architectural envelopes has the ability to respond to environmental conditions, and in turn increase the efficiency, occupant comfort, energy consumption of building systems and above all can respond to visual, aesthetical requirements of users. It has also shown that, responsiveness can go beyond just a single architectural unit and make an urban space speaks with its neighboring environment. This paper by evaluation major build structures and projects will discuss the importance and applications of responsiveness in today�s architecture. It is to raise a question that whether responsiveness is an emergent architectural requirements or it is something that is developing due to its luxurious nature? Index terms- Responsiveness, Environmental, Human perception, Kinetic, Transformable