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Listening Skills and Loneliness Relationship: A Research on University Students

Listening can be described as an active process including hearing, concentrating and understanding, combining what is understood with the previous knowledge and responding appropriately. Loneliness is having no ability to get out of the cocoon knitted itself, as a result of detaching the belongings to the other world, with the retirement of consciousness and senses of human into oneself. Interaction and communication can be qualified that being integrated with the other consciousness and senses and to put the meaning to its own existency. So that, the main aim of this study, to identify the loneliness level of university youth, to determine whether this level changed or not on the basis of demographic variables, also with determining the listening skills level to reveal whether the loneliness and this level is related to each other or not. The research has descriptive quality. The acquired data were analized, statistically. Frequency distribution, reliability analysis, t-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to analyze research data. Margin of error was set 0.05. According to the results of the t-test significant difference was found in perception of loneliness based on gender (p=0.504), whereas listening perception revealed no significant difference on the same basis—females are lonelier than males. A low, positive correlation between listening skills and perception of loneliness was found in the results of the correlation analysis (r=18). Index Terms- Loneliness, Listening Skills, University students, Loneliness and Listening Skills Relationship.