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A Mathematical Model For the Staff Scheduling Problem With Ergonomic Constraints

The impact of increasing globalization, market conditions became more competitive. Challenging competitive conditions in the company has led to all kinds of measures are taken to reduce costs. In this context, the option of reducing labor costs, including a significant portion of the costs in the company rose to prominence. These requirements have found itself in a wide range of the academic sense. In recent years for studies which done about scheduling the most important issues have been to minimize the labor costs. However, the adequacy of working conditions or ergonomic risks that labor face rarely considered the studies has been made about scheduling in the literature. Therefore, the aim of this study to make personnel scheduling which take into consideration ergonomic constraints. In this study, we took into account tour scheduling that consists of both shift and days-off. Proposed approach is modeled 0-1 mixed integer programming. To solve this problem we used optimization software tool called GAMS. As a result of the study, we obtained staff schedules which consider employee health and safety in context of ergonomics and which keep labor cost as low as possible. Keywords´┐Ż Ergonomic, Mathematical modelling, Staff scheduling.