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Ozone Concentration Measurement In The Range of 0-200 Go3/M3 By Using Ultra Violet Light Emitting Diode at Wavelength 280 Nm

The aim of this study is to design an ozone concentration measurement using an ultra violet light emitting diode (LED-UVOM). An ultra violet light emitting diode (UV-LED) at peak wavelength 280 nm was used as the light source of the absorption cell. The principle of measurement was based on UV absorption in Hartley-band, where Beer-Lambert´┐Żs law was utilized to calculate ozone concentration. The concepts of proposed LED-UVOM design, particularly the absorption cell configuration, were clearly explained. The results show that the proposed LED-UVOM is stable and yields high accuracy in the range of 0-200 gO3/m3. Keywords- Ozone meter, UV LED, UV absorption, Ozone measurement, Ozone sensor