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A Review of Korean Government Workplace Gender Policy Literature From 1989 To 2014

This paper systematically investigates the English literature on the study of the South Korean government's gender policies concerning Korean workplaces and has found that the scope and quantity of the relevant published research on this topic has greatly increased over the years. This research reviews 60 papers that were published in the literature of academic journals and non-governmental organizations up to 2014 and is meant to serve as a reference compilation of specific characteristics on the topic for interested academics and policy makers. Findings include a growing interest in the field of knowledge with most articles being published in roughly the last decade and on an increasingly diverse selection of topics. In addition, most articles are quantitative, but are based on secondary data provided by the Korean government, extant literature or the Occupational Wage Survey. Furthermore, this paper reviews the literature’s primary limitations, key words and outlines the future work to be conducted. Keywords-- Workplace Gender Policy; Gender Policy Literature Summary; South Korea