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Lexicographic Developments In Albanian Residence Of South Italy (Arb�reshe), As Part Of The Albanian Lexicography

The study of Albanian lexicography is closely connected with lexicographic developments in and out of the Albanian borders, where there are Albanians and Albanian residences. The Albanian residents of south Italy (arb�resh�t) represent one of the largest communities of Albanians who left their motherland centuries ago. Although the time of their settlement on the coasts of south Italy refers to centuries, still they have not forgotten their mother tongue. Yet, we can now notice multidiscipline studies to collect, protect and develop their language as a continuation and fulfillment of linguistic progress at home. During these two last centuries, an enormous burst of studies is seen in the field of lexicography. As a result of a considerable linguistic, dialectic and lexicographic research and processing, almost the whole lexical treasure of talk in south Italy has been collected and treated. All these developments in the centre of which is the study of south Italy Albanian residents� language, make up a part of the entire studies in the field of Albanian language. Key words- lexicography, Albanian residents of south Italy (arb�resh�t), developments, linguistic, dictionary, studies.