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System Reflexive Paradigm Of Strategic Marketing

In response to accelerating globalization processes, increasing international competition, shortening lifecycles of products and services, fast development of new technologies—strategic marketing approach to market activity becomes one of the main conditions for successful strategic competitive perspective of the enterprise. This paper focuses on the System Reflexive Paradigm of Strategic Marketing Management, which is based on the alignment of strategic economic interests of stakeholders, specifically, enterprise owners, hired managers, and consumers. The study integrates the concepts of marketing, strategic management, and reflexion, where the latter is examined on the activity level (System Reflexion) of the subject of management. The combination of reflexive control insights with the marketing concept allowed for molding a concept of System Reflexive Marketing, which introduces the new marketing and strategic management paradigm, and consolidates its evolution stages of development. Implementation of the System Reflexive Marketing enables the enterprise to resolve internal and external conflicts, elaborate strategic vision and corporate strategy, and improves the overall efficiency of business activity. Keywords- Strategic Management, Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Reflexive Management, System Reflexive Marketing.