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The Development Of Construction Work Safety Integrated Information On Location-Based Service

Due to the functions of mobile communication devices upgrade and elderly increased year by year, middle-aged and older workers play a key role in the labor market. Considering the elderly labors in construction industries have higher accident rates than other industries in Taiwan, work safety education of the elderly labors becomes important issues.For getting real-time information on 3R(Right location-Right time-Right people), the study tries to combined the concepts from situation-aware and localizationand imported and integrated 3D Building Information Modeling and Virtual Reality(VR) safety classes on cloud to develop a system called iWork based on location-based services(LBS). This study proposes a system on 3-Tire architecture with Android, XMPP, LAMP (Linux、Apache、MySQL、PHP) technologies and simulates the case of high steel building. For this reason, the functions of iWork will be developed to three modules for the users which are workers management, safe management and trace management. Thus, the purpose of this research is built an integrated information system which provides simple and friendly App to achieve work safety on real-time for workers/managers in construction site. Keywords- Middle-Aged Labor, Location-Based Service, Mobile App, Working Safety, Construction.