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Analyzing The Effects Of Urmieh Eco-System Lake On Tourism In Iran (With Emphasis On Eco-Tourism)

Tourism industry has become one of the most important and effective industry due to the economic, social, cultural, political and environmental dimensions. Therefore countries with extensive tourism and ecotourism attractions can expand their performances in local and international affairs by short, medium and long-term planning. According to the statistics published by World Tourism Organization, Iran is considered as one of the world top ten countries both for the cultural / historical tourism and the ecotourism. Iran owns the ability to attract tourists because of the geographical conditions, special culture, historical aspects and also the appropriate weather and necessary natural potentials. This study analyzed the effects of Urmieh eco-system on tourism as one of the important potential in tourism industry of Iran. The needed information collected by library, descriptive and analytic forms. The purpose of this study is to promote the environmental eco-system of Urmieh Lake for the protection and stability of the tourism attraction and reduce the social and economical risks caused by drying the largest inland lake in Iran plateau. Keywords- Urmieh Lake, Tourism, Eco-tourism, Iran.