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An Empirical Investigation Of The Factors That Influence Young Chinese Consumers To Purchase Luxury

The main objective of this study is to investigate the factors that influence young Chinese consumers´┐Ż to purchase luxury goods. A questionnaire will bedesigned and used to collect primary data from participants in selected Chinese cities. A preliminary review of the marketing literature has identified nine potential decision factors and four demographic factors that may influence young Chinese consumers to purchase luxury goods. Exploratory Factor Analysis will be used to determine a suitable factor structure and Logit Regression will be used to determine the significant factors and rank them in importance. Published empirical research on the relationship between the luxury goods consumption and young consumers in China is sparse. This study will contribute to the marketing literature by empirically identifying the key factors that impact on purchasing luxury goods and using marginal effects analysis to rank the factors. In addition, understanding the decision factors and their relative importance can assist luxury goods marketers in their tactical and strategic initiatives. Keywords´┐Ż Young consumers, decision factors, luxury goods, China, preliminary research.