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Measuring E-Textbook Quality: Combining Kano And Importance-Satisfaction Models

E-books are becoming common in schools, many teachers have adopted e-textbooks in classrooms. However, the quality review standards for e-textbooks are still incomplete. Schools and publishers demand an e-textbook quality evaluation method for selecting products or making improvements. The objective of this study is to develop a quality evaluation scale for e-textbooks, and combine them with the Kano and importance-satisfaction (I-S) models to determine quality-related items that to be improved. Based on the literatures, an e-textbook quality scale (EQS) was used to obtain 167 primary school teachers’ opinions regarding e-textbook quality. Results indicated that the EQS possesses acceptable validity and reliability. Implications derived from the Kano and I-S models for primary school e-textbooks quality evaluation and improvements are discussed. Keywords- E-textbook Quality, Kano Model, Importance-Satisfaction Model.